Hey there!

We are so glad y'all stopped by.  Come on in, kick off your shoes and stay awhile.  Would you like some iced tea?  How about a biscuit?  Ooh, I'm getting ahead of myself!  Let me introduce myself.
Hi, I'm Rachel, the Queen Bee, ED, and VP of this little blog.  I am a full-time, stay-at-home/homeschool mom to our 4 beautiful and precious bebes {pictured above}.  Aren't they adorable?  Don't let their sweet smiles fool you!

Our oldest, Aspyne, is 12.  My first born, Emma is 8 1/2 and she is followed by the 'boys'.  Conner is 3 and Grayson is currently 8 months.

We live in Central Mississippi where the weather is the same for most of the year...HOT and HUMID and a "Good-Hair-Day" requires an entire can of AquaNet and a good sense of humor!

In my spare time when I am not needed to:
  • change diapers
  • feed hungry mouths
  • make grocery lists
  • play referee
  • fold laundry
  • answer the phone
  • educate 3 children...well
  • play "superheroes"
  • rock a baby
  • put out fires {figuratively}
  • feed hungry mouths
  • clean toilets
  • find a lost toy
  • grow spiritually
  • kiss a boo-boo
  • swing a toddler
  • clean up spilled {dairy & casein free} milk
  • mend a broken heart
  • find missing library books
  • do a puzzle
  • fix hair
  • teach manners
  • read a book
  • feed hungry mouths
  • wash laundry...
{I think you get the point}
I like to sit quietly, in the dark, and get out all of my unused words, in expressive, complete sentences.  I like to share what we are learning & how we are growing and imprinting my thoughts on this little piece of the web helps me retain those precious, valuable insights I have gained on this journey...


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